Peaks Cycling Phone Holder-DS

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Stay connected and navigate with ease while cycling, thanks to our Six Peaks Phone Holder. Designed to securely cradle your smartphone, it's the perfect accessory for every rider.


¥ Secure and Adjustable - Our phone holder features a secure grip and an adjustable clamp to fit various smartphone sizes, keeping your device firmly in place, even on bumpy rides.

¥ Tool-Free Installation - No need for extra tools or complicated setups. Our phone holder attaches easily to your bike's handlebars, making installation a breeze.

¥ Easy Access - Keep your phone accessible for GPS navigation, music control, or emergency calls. With this holder, you can stay connected without compromising safety.

¥ Universal Compatibility - Designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphone sizes, it's compatible with most popular devices, so you can use it with confidence.

Enhance your cycling experience with the Six Peaks Phone Holder Ð the perfect blend of convenience and safety for all your rides. Stay connected, stay on track, and ride with confidence!