Swim Safety Buoy/Tow Float-DS

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The Zone3 tow FloatÊhas been designed for those new to open water swimming and those required to wear aÊsafetyÊbuoy when racing or training.ÊIt is ultra-lightweight which provides virtually no drag and is available in two colours.ÊPerfect for improving visibility when in open water.Ê

It features an adjustable dual belt design that attaches securely around your waist; a leash ensures the buoy remains out of stroke range whilst swimming.ÊThe tow float comes complete with a valve for inflating and deflating and a carry handle.ÊÊ

In contrast with our best-sellingÊ28LÊSafety Buoy & Dry Bag, it does notÊfeatureÊinternal storageÊand is only a single layer of material.ÊIt is however approximately the same size with an inflated size ofÊapprox.Ê41x22cm and deflated 48 x 29cm.Ê

Key FeaturesÊ

  • High visibility_makes you easy to spot.Ê
  • Heavy-duty PVC coated_nylon waterproof outer material for strength and durability.Ê
  • Extremely lightweightÊ
  • Low drag_when in the water.Ê
  • An adjustable strap_allows you to position the buoy in the water as desired.Ê
  • Does not restrict your stroke_as you tow the buoy behind you._Ê
  • Carry handle_for ease of transport out of water.Ê