RunPro High Sport Insoles Semelles

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CURREXSOLE RUNPRO HIGH SPORT INSOLE The insoles from currexSole feature the Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT), which supports and guides your feet. It stores energy and provides a very efficient propulsion. Every foot is different - this is why currexSoles come in three individual profile heights. This blue High Profile Sole helps distribute pressure evenly and reduce fatigue. You can choose the right currexSole in three simple steps:. Determine your foot profile: Wet the sole of your foot and walk onto a sheet of newspaper. Compare your wet footprint with the illustration. Check your leg shape: Stand tall in front of a mirror and check if two fingers fit between the knees or the ankles. Choose your leg shape. Combine your foot profile letter with your leg shape number and choose the right sole for you. sizes: XS - EU 34 to 36, S - EU 36.5 to 38.5, M - EU 39 to 41, L - EU 41.5 to 43.5, XL - EU 44 to 46, XXL - EU 46.5 to 48