Kingfisher Giant Tower -DS

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One of most popular garden games ever, it will help to make any event or gathering fun and entertained. This set of 60 wooden blocs reaches impressive 60cm in height when stacked, and is suitable to play by anyone over 36months old. There is nothing to assemble, simply remove blocks from the box and stack in 3 x 3 system, you can even stack two sets together for even more entertainment and challenge. Perfect for the summer outdoor events in the garden, parks or camping. It can also be played indoors, however please remember when the tower collapses it might damage the surface. Made from high quality and durable pine timber. This game is packed in strong box with carry handle that can be reused over and over as a storage case. Each block measures: 21cm x 4. 5cm x 3cm. Completely assembled tower: H60cm x W21cm x D21cm